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FAQ & Other Information About No1 Boot Camps

We get many questions from our guests before they visit. Most common are 'Do you have a boot camp for women only?', 'What is the boot camp exercise?', 'What is the boot camp diet?', as well as many other questions about the boot camp and the things guests need during their stay.

Will I be OK to come on my own?
85% of our guests come alone and make great friends. We ensure everyone feels comfortable and involved. There is plenty of down-time to relax, chat and enjoy the company of other guests. If you are worried about sharing with strangers we have single rooms available at all our camps.

How often do our bedrooms get cleaned?
Rooms / bathrooms at our Norfolk venue are cleaned on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. We also have a full time housekeeper. All campers are asked to be responsible and considerate towards the other campers for the general tidiness and cleanliness of their sleeping quarters.

Do you provide towels?
No. Towels are NOT provided and you are advised to bring a very minimum of two towels for the duration of your stay. Towels can also be purchased at the camp, along with other No1 Boot Camp merchandise including dressing gowns.

What times do we eat?
Generally speaking the main meals of the day are enjoyed at the following timings: 08:00 Breakfast, 12:30 Lunch, 19:00 Dinner

What happens if I injure myself on camp?
If you suffer any kind of injury whilst at No1 Boot Camp, you are asked to report it immediately to a member of staff.

Are massages available at the camp?
Massages are available at extra cost. To book your place, please contact the camp manager. Massages are available from 5pm Ė 8.30pm each evening. The cost is £50 per hour payable directly to the massage therapist (Cash payments required).

Do you have a laundry service?
A self-service laundry facility is available and is charged at £5 per wash and £1 per dryer cycle.

What happens on the Saturday that Iím leaving?
Saturday is business as usual for our weekly campers - You will have your usual morning run, weigh-in, then breakfast and then free to leave by 9am. For our campers that stay longer than one week, this is your rest day!

Which boot camp is for me?
Consider what time you have free and what you want to achieve. For weight loss we recommend minimum of week-long camps to achieve your best. For fitter people, elite camp or weekend wonders are great. If you want fitness and pampering then try our Total Make Over camps.

What is the location of your Norfolk boot camp?
Due to the number of celebrities and VIPs attending our bootcamps, in order to protect their privacy, we do not openly publish the location of our bootcamp. The exact location is only provided to customers with confirmed and paid for bookings. Further details can also be found under the "Getting there" section of our camp pages.

What if I'm not fit?
On every camp we have instructors that will monitor each individualís fitness and develop a tailored program to be suitable. You can maximise what you can achieve at the pace you need.

What should I pack?
Please ask us for a recommended kit list or download the latest kit lists here:
Summer Kit List | Winter Kit List

What if I'm in great shape?
We can challenge you on every camp beyond your limitations and can set exercise regimes and pace that push you. Or find out about our elite camps.

What if I carry an injury or weakness?
Let our instructors know. They are experienced in working around injuries and have alternative exercises and options for anybody with concerns.
You should always consult a doctor if you are worried before coming on camp.

Will I be OK to come on my own?
Many of our guests come alone and make great friends. We ensure everyone feels comfortable and involved. There is plenty of down-time to relax, chat and enjoy the company of other guests. If you are worried about sharing with strangers, we have single rooms (subject to availability on your chosen date) at all our camps.

What if I'm a picky eater?
Please let us know a week before your arrival about any food restrictions and our chef will work around them where possible. We will cater for allergies and religious requirements only but not food dislikes. We do cater for Vegans but we cannot currently cater for Raw Vegans. Daily calorie intake can be adjusted to individuals that may require more than other guests. More protein based food can be provided if you are looking to tone and build muscle.

No1 Boot Camp menus are carefully created by our chefs and the UK's top nutritionists and are designed and balanced on helping you get through the boot camp week with the right foods from various food groups at the right times. Unless you have strong reasons why you cut out specific food groups, we strongly recommend you stick with our menus. Fussy eaters and people thinking they will use time on camp to try new faddy diets will not be catered for! Find out more about our food

Is boot camp very difficult?
The program is designed to push you mentally and physically, to lose weight, gain fitness and leave feeling different. We will push you to achieve results but there is plenty of chill-out time and massages available. Some of our camps are in luxurious accommodation where you will feel pampered, be able to sleep well and recover from exercise.

Is there computer access?
Yes, Wi-Fi access is available at most of our camps. Please check if this is essential for you.

Can I use my telephone?
If you bring your own telephone, you will have access in most of the bedrooms Ė if itís a priority, please let us know when booking. However, we ask that you do not use your phone when you are participating in the hikes, or exercise sessions, or are in the common areas.

What happens if it rains?
We hike and train every day no matter what the weather.

Can I bring my child?
Sorry, but no. Clients must be over 18 to attend No.1 Boot Camp.

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