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As to be expected, there will be a number of changes implemented for a while, and the camp will look and feel a little different, but we can and will adapt. The team at No1 thank you in advance for your cooperation. We have conducted a full COVID-19 risk assessment of our operations at Norfolk. Below we have outlined the protective measures we will be taking to ensure we offer the safest possible environment for you and our staff members. These procedures will be in place for the foreseeable future and updated as necessary to make sure they comply with the latest Government policies and recommendations.




1. All clients will be contacted by phone by our Manager prior to your arrival week. If you are unavailable to answer, we will text you, please could you get back to us when you are available to talk . This is to make sure you are well and book you into your slot for the arrival time Saturday from 2pm.


2. You will be given your allocated time to arrive at camp. Please avoid arriving too early and be prepared to wait in your vehicle until we are ready to receive you.


3. All clients to wear face masks in communal areas.


4. On arrival at camp please stay in your vehicle and WhatsApp or text the Camp Manager to confirm you have arrived.


5. Your temperature will be checked before entering the main building and InBody weigh-in, using a digital infrared thermometer. If your temperature indicates that you may have a fever, you will be asked to leave. 


6. A strict one-way system in and out of the building will be clearly marked on the floor. Please comply with government guidelines and adhere to these restrictions throughout your stay with us.


7. Please ensure you have all items on the kit list, as visiting local shops and deliveries to camp are not permitted.


8. Training will be outside, with the trainers keeping 2 meters away at all times.


9. Exercise group sizes will be managed. With a maximum of 24-26 people on the camp which will allow us to conduct exercises whilst maintaining social distancing.


10. Your temperature will be checked before you are allowed to enter the house.


11. Communal areas will be restricted. When weather permits, we will have loungers and tables outside. During periods of bad weather, please be prepared to spend time in your own room.


12. Washing of hands will be encouraged as often as possible. Anti-bacterial hand wash will be available at these key points:· The reception to use when entering the building· In the dining area before meals· At the reception when entering the barn· In the client kitchen when getting water (only 1 person permitted in client kitchen at a time)


13. All clients will be sitting at least 1 meter away from each other during meal times.


14. Cleaning frequency will be increased, in and around communal areas and high contact regions.


15. Clients will be asked to use their own bathrooms at all times.


16. We will be providing kettles and cups in every room with a selection of herbal teas, to avoid congestion in the clients kitchen.


17. We require everyone to take a COVID FLOW TEST. These are available from your Pharmacy. Please ensure that you bring this to camp with you so that it can be done on-site upon arrival. All Tests must show a negative COVID test in order for you to be admitted into the Main House.




We advise all clients to check their travel insurance to cover all eventualities when attending camp. No1 Boot Camp cannot be held responsible for any changes to government policy or guidelines that may impact your stay with us.




To maintain our high standards of customer care, we will be operating a 24-hour contact number for campers, in case anyone has concerns regarding COVID-19 symptoms whilst on camp. As we understand COVID-19 could occur in any setting, including boot camps, we would ask you to be prepared to react if this situation does arise. Any room where a suspected client has had COVID 19 symptoms, the room will be left for 72 hours then deep cleaned.



Do not attend camp if you have been in contact with anyone suspected of having COVID-19 within 14 days prior to your arrival on camp or if you are experiencing any symptoms. Contact 111 for advice or see

To rebook you will need to provide either your isolation number or details of your COVID-19 test results.


If you have any questions regarding our COVID-19 policy and your stay at No1, please contact us: T: +44 (0) 1485 570 635 M: +44 (0) 7913 635079

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