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The Fitness and Wellness Retreats Loved by Celebrities

What our celebrity clients have to say about their stays at No1 Fitness Retreats

Celebrities and fitness retreats go together like avocados and multigrain-toast. Always have, always will. We know this because we've welcomed dozens and dozens of them through our doors at each of our retreats: St Tropez, Ibiza, Marrakech, Portugal and our home on the Norfolk Coast.

From athletes to influencers, presenters to actors, reality TV stars, fitness models, famous entrepreneurs and everyone in between more — our celebrity clients are forever seeking out the latest health, wellness and fitness trends, so when it comes to rejuvenating their bodies and minds, they turn to our fitness retreats. As such, why we've been able to help a whole variety of famous faces unlock their potential, regain the motivation, reset their lifestyles, understand the power of healthy eating, fall in love with working out and meet their fitness goals.

And the reason they come to us is simple: we are experts at creating fitness sanctuaries that offer an enticing escape where you can focus on yourself. Picture a serene oasis where you can immerse yourself in healthy living. From world-class trainers to cutting-edge workouts, dedicated nutritionists, tailor-made sweat-sessions and some of the dreamiest places on the planet to work on yourself. Our retreats offer a curated experience that leave every celebrity client to walk through our doors feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to tackle their demanding careers.

With state-of-the-art facilities, personalised meal plans and a luxury environment, No1 Fitness Retreats provide the perfect balance of luxury and self-care that celebrities crave just as much as you do. Whether it's sweating it out in a sunrise yoga session or indulging in a rejuvenating massage, pushing themselves in a mid-morning boxing circuit or taking in the coastal vistas on a sunset hike, our retreats cater to every aspect of your wellness journey. So, it's no wonder that so many celebrities flock to our retreats to seek out some dedicated time to work on themselves, and an opportunity to prioritise their health and wellness in a way that only a fitness retreat can provide. And the best part: they all come back time and time again.

Here's what some of our celebrity clients had to say about No1 Bootcamp:

Laura Whitmore at No1 Fitness Retreats and Bootcamp

Laura Whitmore, Presenter and Model

“Unbelievable location, brilliant trainer and delicious food. Felt like I had a chance to press the reset on life. Great experience with lovely people.”

Freddie Flintoff running at No1 Fitness Retreats and Bootcamp

Freddie Flintoff MBE, TV Presenter and Former England Cricketer

“Great few days at No1 Bootcamp – the place, people, food and especially the trainers are different class!”

Vicky Pattison at No1 Fitness Retreats and Bootcamp

Vicky Pattison, TV Presenter, Reality TV Star and Author

“Amazing few days spent at No1 Bootcamp. the training cleared my head and I met some fabulous people, as always! Huge thanks to everyone at the camp!”

Spencer Matthews topless at No1 Fitness Retreats and Bootcamp

Spencer Matthews, TV Personality and Entrepreneur

"I’ve been working hard to be clean and healthy and have never felt better. No1 Bootcamp helped me achieve my goals. Thank you for the amazing stay!"

Lucie Rose Donland from Love Island at No1 Fitness Retreats and Bootcamp

Lucie Rose Donlan, Love Island

"This retreat has literally been amazing! No1 helped me achieve my health and fitness goals through effective and fun workouts, while challenging me to be more mindful with my food choices thanks to their strategic nutrition plans. Best place to spend my 25th birthday."

Luke Abbott from love Island at No1 Fitness Retreats and Bootcamp

Luke Abbott, Love Island

"Before going to No1, I was unmotivated, not in my ideal shape and I struggled to push myself. This stay got me back on the fitness train and into the fittest, healthiest, best shape of my life. Huge thank you to the coaches and staff, you really are amazing."

Binky Felstead at No1 Fitness Retreats and Bootcamp

Binky Felstead, TV Personality and Influencer

“I lost a stone in a week at NO1 Ibiza and would recommend them to anyone wanting incredible, long-lasting results and fitness.”

Georgia Harrison at No1 Fitness Retreats and Bootcamp

Georgia Harrison, TV Personality

Every time I go to No1 Fitness Retreats, I get brilliant physical results, but the results it has on my overall energy levels are life changing. Whenever I'm feeling demotivated, a trip to No1 always completely changes the momentum of my life and leaves me feeling a better version of myself. Wherever you experience it - Norfolk, St Tropez, Portugal -it's always magical."

Ashley James, Presenter, Model and DJ

""I first attended No1 Bootcamp 6 years ago when I was nearly 16 stone. I stayed there for 6 weeks and lost over 2 and a half stones. It was completely life-changing. Escapism from reality and a week to focus completely on yourself, your health, and your mind. I cannot recommend No1 Bootcamp enough, for weight loss, fitness or just a healthy holiday."

Melanie Sykes, TV and Radio Presenter

“It is a life changer, a mood changer, a life affirmer, an absolute challenge and total inspiration. I have never experienced Endorphins like it. Forget getting a plane home, I could have flown back ‘cos I got me some wings!”

Sophie Grace Holmes, Strength Coach, Podcast Host + Hybrid Athlete

"I couldn’t recommend it enough, not only to be surrounded by those who can help you achieve your goals for your body but to give you a whole new lifestyle, way of thinking, learning to really love the body you have for what it can do and be so excited for each day, each sweaty session – smiling through the burn. No better feeling that seeing your body do some thing it couldn’t or feeling on fire, it's powerful – its refreshing, so much so, I am definitely going back!"

Olivia Cox, Ex-Army, Lifestyle Influencer, TV and Radio Presenter

"It’s a huge misconception that bootcamp equals shouting, mud and brutal injury-inducing sessions. It is, in fact, none of those. Boot camps attract all sorts of different people, for all sorts of different reasons. This means the instructors have to tailor each session to accommodate individual abilities. I’ve learnt a LOT about portion control, and how to listen to my body so that it gets what it needs when it needs, and nothing more. My muscles feel toned and I am fully motivated to continue my training at home."

Amy Willerton, TV Presenter, Model and Beauty Pageant Titleholder

“No1 Boot Camp is a great place to get in shape – highly recommended.”

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