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G Herbal WOMAN - Starter Pack
  • G Herbal WOMAN - Starter Pack

    WOMAN is formulated specifically for women’s health these supplements are taken in harmony with the monthly cycle. They help provide relief from pain and nausea and can also reduce and better regulate your period.   


    G-Herbal is a new range of Balinese super supplements derived from potent indigenous plants that provide incredible health and wellness benefits. They are hugely popular in Indonesia and have just launched in the UK.

    The targeted range of supplements are inspired by Jamu, the 1,300-year-old practice of traditional Indonesian herbal remedies taken from plants from the fertile volcanic rain forests of Java and Bali.

    G Herbal has taken Jamu and applied Western scientific methods to the formulation of these ancient remedies to create a range of 100% natural super supplements with scientifically tested benefits and the purest ingredients that are traceable from farm to capsule.

    There are five targeted supplements in the G-Herbal range, they can be used separately or together.

    • Curcuma Domestica rhizoma extract – Improves gastrointestinal balance, protects from inflammation and accelerates healing

      Tamarindus Indica fructus extract – prevents nausea, breast inflammation

      Blumea balsamifera folium extract – prevents menorrhagia (heavy periods)

      Quercos Infectoria Galls extract – prevents Candida infections

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