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At No. 1 we’re results-driven: meaning you’ll leave with very visible and lasting fitness, fat loss and lifestyle results. Our tried and tested intensive training – along with our inspired support – will reshape your body and rewire your mind, both during and long after you’ve left the camp.

To protect our client’s confidentiality and privacy, here are a few of No.1’s happy celeb campers to tell you about their experience at No.1!

DISCLAIMER: Our testimonials and results are provided by GENUINE individual's experiences with NO1 Boot Camp – There are many factors that affect weight loss and fitness results and we can make no guarantee that individuals attending our boot camps will achieve the same results. The views and opinions expressed in the testimonials on this website are solely those of the clients – These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of NO1 Boot Camp and/or its employees or third-party suppliers. Your experience with NO1 Boot Camp may be different.

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" I first attended no1 Bootcamp almost 6 years ago when I was nearly 16 stone. I stayed there for 6 weeks and lost over 2 and a half stones in that 6 weeks alone. The time that I spent there was, without sounding completely cliche, life-changing. Escapism from reality and a week to focus completely on yourself, your health, and your mind. I cannot recommend No1 Bootcamp enough, for weight loss, fitness or for anybody who wants a healthy holiday. "

Ashley James on the NO1 Luxury Boot Camp Morocco

“I lost a stone in a week at NO1 Ibiza and would recommend them to anyone wanting incredible, long-lasting results and fitness.”

Binky Felstead, Made In Chelsea, on the NO1 Luxury Boot Camp Ibiza
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“Great few days at NO1 Boot Camp in Ibiza – the place, people, food and especially the trainers are different class!”

Freddie Flintoff on NO1 Bootcamp Ibiza

“NO1 Boot Camp is a great place to get in shape – highly recommended.”

Amy Willerton on the NO1 Luxury Boot Camp Morocco
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“Amazing few days spent at NO1Boot Camp… the training cleared my head and I met some fabulous people, as always! Huge thanks to everyone at the camp!”

Vicky Pattison on NO1 Boot Camp Norfolk

“I’ve been working hard to be clean and healthy and have never felt better. NO1 Boot Camp helped me achieve my goals. Thank you for the amazing stay!”

Spencer Matthews, Made in Chelsea, on the NO1 Luxury Boot Camp Ibiza
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“It is a life changer, a mood changer, a life affirmer, an absolute challenge and total inspiration. I have never experienced Endorphins like it. Forget getting a plane home, I could have flown back ‘cos I got me some wings!”

Melanie Sykes, NO1 Boot Camp, Marrakech

“Unbelievable location, brilliant trainer and delicious food. Felt like I had a chance to press the reset on life. Great experience with lovely people.”

Laura Whitmore on the NO1 Luxury Fitness Holiday Ibiza
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“I couldn’t recommend it enough, not only to be surrounded by those who can help you achieve your goals for your body but to give you a whole new lifestyle, way of thinking, learning to really love the body you have for what it can do and be so excited for each day, each sweaty session – smiling through the burn. No better feeling that seeing your body do something it couldn’t or feeling on fire, its powerful – its refreshing, so much so, I am definitely going back! ”

Sophie Grace Holmes on the NO1 Algarve, Portugal

“No1 Boot Camp is not only a results-driven programme, but an experience that helped to reawaken my love of looking after my body, discovering new training styles and working myself harder, both mentally and physically than ever before.  It’s a team environment that leaves no individual fighting alone, but instead determined to finish every workout as one squad. Egos are left at door and fitness abilities don’t matter. All that is required is 110%  determination.”

Talilla Henchoz shares her experience of NO1 Algarve
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“It’s a huge misconception that boot camp equals shouting, mud and brutal injury-inducing sessions. It is, in fact, none of those. Boot camps attract all sorts of different people, for all sorts of different reasons. This means the instructors have to tailor each session to accommodate individual abilities. I’ve learnt a LOT about portion control, and how to listen to my body so that it gets what it needs when it needs, and nothing more. My muscles feel toned and I am fully motivated to continue my training at home.”

Olivia Cox on the NO1 Luxury Boot Camp Morocco
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