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Europe’s No.1 Leaders in Fitness Retreats

Fat loss & full-body transformation specialists

Leaders in fitness since 2008, No1 Boot Camp has helped thousands of people achieve health, fitness and weight loss goals. Our years of experience running residential fitness & weight loss holiday retreats across Europe, has enabled us to develop an effective, fun but most importantly results driven modern group training programme to support our clients whatever their needs.

We promise to deliver maximum results in minimum time.

Our elite team of trainers are waiting to share their knowledge to train you safely and effectively, achieving maximum results whilst educating and empowering you to continue your success out of camp.

Join us for a one-day fitness retreat at No1 Norfolk!

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Image by Shifaaz shamoon

Are you ready to start your journey to better health?

Whether you are looking for a weight loss & fat loss holiday, luxury fitness holidays or retreats, a kick start to health, or a total body transformation, our elite team will mentor, coach, and empower you to achieve your goals. You will gain strength, achieve results and leave with a new sense of self-confidence to continue your health and fitness journey. 

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Come join us at No1 Norfolk and start your year off right!

Home to thousands of happy clients and celebrities who have achieved incredible and long-term fat loss, weight loss, and fitness results. Based on years of experience, this friendly camp combines our effective, modern training techniques with the latest technology for optimum fitness, health, and fat-loss results.

Real People. Real Results.


Get ready to pinch your arms n’ rub your eyes ‘cos these results are EPIC.

Yepp. That is the same person and what a journey Hibz has been on. With her eyes on the prize, this little legend didn't just drop 20KGs and 3 dress sizes during her stay at No1 Bootcamp Norfolk, she hustled for the muscle and left feeling fitter, stronger, healthier and so much happier, which is exactly what our retreats are all about.

Hibz, No1 Norfolk 


Dal’s mission: to achieve body recomposition + fat loss. To create shape, build muscle, burn fat + leave with less than 10% body fat, which achieved and then some.

Weight Loss: - 18kg (39.4lbs)
Skeletal Muscle Mass: + 1.8kg (4lbs)
Body Fat Mass: -20.3kg (44.7lbs)
Percentage Body Fat: -20.2%
Visceral Level: - 10 points

Dal, No1 Norfolk 


At No1, we're used to success stories. But what Nina achieved during her stay was incredible. Waking up each day fully-focussed on what she wanted to achieve, Nina did everything our team of trainers asked of her. She hustled hard, trained hard and proved her mind is so much stronger than she ever realised. And as a result, Nina lost 16.2kg during her all-inclusive stay. We're so proud of you, Nina.

Nina, No1 Norfolk 


The incredible transformation of one of our very own clients Eliza Smith. The first photo is from April 2019 - May 2020 just one year apart. It just shows what you can achieve with hard work and commitment. Sometimes we just need that injection of motivation to keep going!

Eliza Smith, No1 Norfolk 


 Cliona Kelly whom we had the pleasure of welcoming to No1 Norfolk. Cliona came to us with big health and fitness goals and even bigger determination. In just 3 weeks Cliona lost a total of 18.2lbs (that's 1.3 stone / 8.2kg) 12.5cm off her chest, shed 10cm off her waist, and lost 4.5cm off her hips!!

Cliona Kelly, No1 Norfolk 


We had the pleasure of training Katherine and teaching her the fundamental tools to live a healthier life for 3 wonderful weeks. Katherine worked closely with our team of expert trainers and nutritionists. Katherine lost a staggering 16lbs of fat during her 6-week transformation, gained 0.8lbs of muscle and 3 points of visceral fat!

Katherine No1 Norfolk 

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