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Head Trainer, Gee Leary, outside No1 Fitness Retreats in Norfolk

Meet the No1 Team

NO1 Bootcamp aims to deliver first-class bootcamp training with a dedicated team of qualified fitness and health professionals with an objective of providing the most rewarding, enjoyable and memorable experience.
Our Ethos
Leaders in fitness since 2008, No1 Boot Camp has helped thousands of people achieve health, fitness, weight and fat loss goals. Our years of experience running residential boot camps and retreats here in the UK, across Europe and worldwide, has enabled us to develop an effective, fun but most importantly results driven modern group fitness training, body toning and sculpting & weight loss programmes to individuals whilst in a group training community to support our clients whatever their needs.
We aim to deliver maximum results in minimum time.
At No1 Boot Camp we really are one big family. We spend a huge amount of time working closely together so we pick our team carefully! We’ve put together some of the most experienced, qualified, thoughtful and inspiring fitness instructors, managers, massage therapists and nutritional chefs, who take great pride in creating a life-changing experience for you. They’ll be with you every step of your journey towards total-body transformation, and do all they can to ensure you have fun and a laugh along the way as well.​
The No1 Trainers

Chief Instructor across the camps, and the heart and soul of No1, former Royal Marine Gee Leary is the ultimate instructor. Gee’s training philosophy is simple: you can do it if you set your mind to it.


An inspirational mentor and motivator, Gee’s vast experience of effective fitness training techniques combined with his passion of nutrition, and science based fat loss strategies, ensure results are delivered time and time again. His genuine love of the job, and his endless enthusiasm and commitment to clients, enables all on camp to build strength, get fit and burn fat whilst having fun.

An exercise specialist with over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry.  Passionate and dedicated to helping empower  clients to  achieving their goals. His thirst for knowledge has led him travelling Europe to learn from the best in the industry as well as academic institutions. Our newest instructor, Dave is already an integral part of the team at No1 Bootcamp.
There's no one better at getting your blood pumping, muscles aching, sweat dripping and motivation levels climbing than our very own Ali -- and she manages to do it all in a way that will put the widest smile on your face as you have the best time working out. One of the most inspirational people on camp, she is able to have you stepping out of your comfort zone, pushing your limits and achieving the most incredible results. Trust us: you're going to love Ali.
After studying Sports and Physiology, Andy joined the Royal Navy in 2004. Qualified Physical Training Instructor teaching and mentoring recruits and delivering PD to the Submarine Service and Front Line Ships. Specialism and passion in Exercise Rehabilitation.
The No1 Team
Matty is a professional chef with an incredible amount of experience to his name. Having made a name for himself in fine dining hotspots, luxury eateries and some of the most established restaurants, Matty has a passion for making nutritious food taste delicious, all while making sure that all your dietary requirements and eating goals are taken care of. And it's that passion and attention that he applies to every aspect of his work that makes our kitchen burst with fun and flavour, from the three tasty meals he oversees each day to the protein shakes and healthy snacks he hands out to those in need. Matty really does have a way of spreading good vibes and happiness, both with his cooking and his character. 
Michael's No1 Food Prep was born from ten years experience working within the fitness industry, running residential camps specialising in weight management and fat loss. An expert in nutrition, Michael's clients were so satisfied with the daily meals being served to them while at our camps -- meals devised for maximum taste and optimum wellness -- he was constantly asked how they could continue to receive them off camp. That's where the idea for No1 Food Prep came from, with Michael and the team offering exceptional quality, perfectly balanced meals delivered to your home directly from our kitchen. 
From being on the other end of the phone to answer all your questions to leading our coastal hikes, motivating everyone with her foghorn voice to making sure everyone is living their best lives while on camp, Blaize is the one who keeps the ship running on a day to day basis. Full of energy and a bundle of fun, you'll love it when you bump into her around Summer Hill House. 
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