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Fitness instructor leading a group workout at a fitness class in Norfolk

Our Day Camps

Level-up your fitness journey with No1

Designed to help you get fit in a day, our bestselling Day Camps are full of energy, endorphins and healthy habits, as you enjoy 5-6 sessions, fuel yourself with a chef-prepared breakfast and lunch, and give your metabolism a mega-boost surrounded by the wilderness of Wild Ken Hill.


Think of it as your chance to experience the ultimate fitness retreat firsthand and see what sets us apart. Learn, grow and boost your self-esteem with our diverse range of programs that is designed to cater to all ages, genders and fitness levels. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or expert, our personalised fitness programs -- including special guidance for those returning to fitness -- are purposefully created for your unique needs. 

Experience a holistic approach that enhances both mental and physical well-being through expert advice, body composition analysis, and educational sessions. Tailor your fitness journey with personalised plans for weight loss and fat loss, and forge meaningful connections within our community. Find stress relief through effective exercises and enjoy the path to a healthier and happier lifestyle with the comprehensive support provided at No1.

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Man working out on the beach in Norfolk

What's Included?

Arrival on camp Mon - Fri at 6.45 AM  and Sunday at 6.20 AM

Full training day program with 4-5 sessions per day

In body 970 Body composition and anyalysis with print out sheet

Breakfast and lunch, all dietary requirements catered for

Ice baths Monday - Thursday