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No1 Food & Nutrition

We cater to all dietary requirements and allergies.

We believe that lean muscle begins in the kitchen, so our food plans are created with optimal fat loss and muscle creation in mind. Not all calories are created equal, and as such we don’t slavishly count calories, but instead offer a healthy balance of all macro and micro food groups to sustain energy, provide optimal nutritional value and boost exercise performance. We cater for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, dairy-free and any specific intolerances. 

On arrival, during your body composition meeting with our team, we discuss your personal goals and look to support your own metabolic rate and promote recovery. Similarly, our protein packages are tailored according to need – from beginners to established athletes – we have a range of options for those wanting to achieve fat loss, improved health, fitness, and overall body tone. 

NO1 advocates a healthy balanced lifestyle. If you are hungry, you can’t perform which is totally against our ethos and detrimental to your goals. Across our camps, our chefs provide three delicious and nutrient-dense main meals a day to fuel and energize your body and promote active recovery. 

If you are worried about your dietary requirements or have any questions please contact us on the button below. 

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No. 1 Food Prep was launched in 2018 to help guests continue meeting their health goals from the comforts of their home.

Over the years, our clients have been so satisfied with the meals served to them daily on camp, devised for maximum taste and optimum wellness, we were constantly asked how they could continue to receive them off camp. In response to demand, we launched our sister company, No1 Food Prep offering exceptional quality, perfectly balanced meals delivered to your home.

No1 Food Prep is designed to help you eat delicious food every day. Each meal offers maximum nutrition is designed for optimum health and delivers ultimate taste. No1 Food Prep wants you to look forward to your meals rather than dread trawling around the supermarket aisles reading food labels. Each meal allows you to take control over your nutrition, safe in the knowledge that you are eating wholesome, organic ingredients and with transparency of your daily calorie intake.

All meals are all designed to be as clean as possible. Meaning they avoid sugars, refined carbohydrates, and any “hidden” nasties or extra ingredients that interfere with optimal wellness. Food Prep meals are lovingly prepared and cooked in small batches, just as you would at home, using only ingredients and processes that we know you would approve of. They have packages to suit all tastes, needs and budgets or if you know what you like eating, you can put together your own meals.

Find out more about No1 Food Prep below. 

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Our supplement line, No1urish launched in 2018 to provide optimum nutrition to clients on and off camp. No1jrish was developed by No1 Bootcamp in response to client demand and from first-hand experience and frustration from seeing poor results from the use of ineffective and unclean sports supplements.

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