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Women’s fitness writer Joanna Ebsworth reviews No1 Bootcamp Norfolk

“What do you do when you’re feeling in the worst shape of your life and have lost your fitness mojo? Book a bootcamp holiday, of course!”

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'BURN OUT' Love Island’s Georgia Harrison checks into ‘detox bootcamp’

GEORGIA Harrison has checked into a "detox bootcamp" after "losing control of her mental wellbeing" in lockdown.

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No1 Bootcamp listed as one of the best Fitness Retreat & Bootcamp for 2021

"Personalised programmes, countryside hiking and farmhouse accommodation: the Norfolk fitness retreat to know..."

"‘Abs are made in the kitchen’ is an expression coined by the most successful in the industry and No 1 Bootcamp certainly lives by this mantra..."

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No1 Norfolk review by The Daily Mail Online

"Piled on the pounds in lockdown? One of these exhilarating UK activity breaks could be the answer..."

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Full Review of No1 Bootcamp by Womens Fitness

"What do you do when you’re feeling in the worst shape of your life and have lost your fitness mojo? Book a bootcamp holiday, of course!..."


No1 Food Prep reviewed by GQ Magazine

"Best healthy food delivery services in the UK. The people who have it all rarely have time to fully ideate the recipes that give them their glow. That's what the influx of the UK's healthy food delivery services are for."

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COACH Magazine review our Vegan Protein Powder

No1JRISH Vegan Protein Powder has been tested, reviewed and featured first in a vegan protein roundup by COACH Magazine – an online men’s health publication containing inspirational and motivational tips, stories and advice. 

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No1 Boot Camp Norfolk review by DOSE magazine

” The term boot camp can conjure an image of being yelled at by a man in combat trousers while you do burpees in the mud but, we can assure you there is none of that at No1 Boot Camp. What you are in store for is one of the most rewarding weeks of your life where you’ll be challenged in the best possible way… ”

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No1 Norfolk review by Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

". Today, instead of drinking your body weight in cocktails on the beach and returning home feeling less than your best self, people understand why they need to be investing in their everyday wellbeing..."

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No1 Family Camp review by The Metro Online

"Wellbeing Hot List: From family boot camps to tea you can chew. No1 bootcamp has launched a four-day Family Camp at its Norfolk base (main picture). Available October 24 and 28 (over half term) ..."

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Refuel With NO1JRISH Vegan Protein Powder

NO1JRISH has been featured in the one and only, Women’s Health Online. The article is written by Yanar – a very reputable fitness writer in the UK, who also writes for Net Doctor and Women’s Running.

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No1 Bootcamp reviewed by Mens Fitness

Born out of No1 Boot Camp's much-loved meals, No 1 Food Prep has taken the dishes served at their fitness retreats and turned them into delivery meals you can try at home. 

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Hip & Healthy online review of No1 Food Prep

Hip & Healthy, a leading online channel for all things wellness related, give an in-depth review of No1 Food Prep and include special mentions of our own brand No1JRISH food supplements.

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NO1 Features in METRO

“If you’re struggling to get a supermarket delivery slot, No1 Fodo Prep’s home delivery packages are ideal, high in protein and probiotics…”

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Love Island's Georgia Harrison checked into bootcamp after suffering 'burn out'

Former Love Island star Georgia Harrison recently completed a two week Bootcamp programme in the UK after 'an unbalanced lifestyle' and 'multiple set-backs' left her on the brink of burn out

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No1 Norfolk reviewed by Cosmopoliton

"No1 Bootcamp's fitness retreats are considered some of the best in the business (Laura Whitmore's a fan). Days involve a steady stream of classes, which vary from Box fit and HIIT to yoga, circuits and hiking in the Norfolk countryside"

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No1 Family Camp review by Country & Townhouse

"Personalised programmes, countryside hiking and farmhouse accommodation: the Norfolk fitness retreat to know..."

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No1 Ibiza reviewed by Fabulous magazine

“Feel like you’re on cloud 9” says Travel writer for Fabulous magazine, Becci Vallis, who worked up a sweat with No1 Boot Camp on the white island of Ibiza and provides a balanced summary of her time at our luxury Balinese themed villa.

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Full Review of No1 Ibiza by Men’s Health Magazine

The ultimate goal is to defeat fat and defend muscle, which takes tactical planning. 

“A week at the camp is intense but the pay off is well worth it…

…The ultimate goal is to defeat fat and defend muscle…”

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Featured Recipe For No1 Food Prep

Country & Town House magazine, the luxury magazine for affluent “double lifers”, review some of London’s best Vegan menu offerings. With our very own No1 Food Prep recipe, crafted by our talented No1 Food Prep chef Michael, for Peanut Butter Salted Caramel Cake.

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No1 Bootcamp reviewed by Hello Magazine

"Eating healthily is vital but food shopping and planning during lockdown can be stressful. Meal delivery and food subscription services can help ease the burden..."