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Outdoor Fitness



Home to thousands of happy clients and celebrities who have achieved incredible and long-term fat loss, weight loss, and fitness results. Based on years of experience, this friendly camp combines our effective, modern training techniques with the latest technology for optimum fitness, health and fat-loss results.


Our elite team of trainers  are waiting to share their knowledge to train you safely and effectively, achieving maximum results whilst educating and empowering you to continue your success out of camp. Norfolk fat & weight loss retreat and fitness boot camp boasts the cutting-edge technology of the IN BODY system and No1 are proudly the only fitness & weight loss residential camps offering clients such comprehensive accurate body analysis enabling us to provide the best bespoke plan for your body type based on your fitness and fat loss goals.


1-2-1 Weigh-in consultation with trainers to identify fitness goals and nutrition client needs

Total body composition assessed using the InBody weight management machine

Motivational seminars with tools, techniques, and strategies to prepare for life outside the camp

Daily dynamic warm-ups & stretching education

Body toning and sculpting

Muscular endurance & hypertrophy weight lifting classes and techniques​

Spinning classes

Boxing, aerobics & TRX

Beach body circuits

Metabolic conditioning and explanation​

Local hikes around the beautiful Norfolk countryside

Daily support and mentoring from trainers