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The coastline in the south of France near St Tropez

The St Tropez Retreat

Trip Overview

Get ready to enjoy the billionaire's playground of St Tropez with our South of France fitness retreat. Think coastal hikes along the Med, beach circuits, strength training beneath palm trees, rooftop yoga sessions, the most delicious meals, endless good vibes and results that will make you realise you can achieve anything you set you mind to. That's the aim of the game at No1 St. Tropez. 

Making our exclusive, upmarket boutique hotel your home for the week, this stunning, sophisticated and stylish accommodation offers a tranquil escape that provides peace and quiet only moments away from the hustle and bustle of St Tropez life, and the sun-kissed coastline of the Mediterranean that lays just beyond.

The energy, the atmosphere, the scenery, the adventures, the workouts, the food, the everything — this best-selling fitness retreat is a must-have experience for health and fitness enthusiasts of every level and a favourite among our celebrity clients, such as Georgia Harrison and Molly Smith. Of course, no words can ever do this fitness experience justice, so instead, imagine yourself working up a sweat in paradise, staying in the luxury Hotel Mandala, performing poolside sun salutations, beachside circuits, hitting up the epic gym, dining on the most nutritious and delicious chef-prepared meals, relaxing beneath the sun, enjoying sunset suppers on the rooftop terrace and making a thousand new memories. And after your morning -- or day’s -- training, hit the pause button and reconnect your body and mind by relaxing your tired muscles in the heated pool that overlooks this postcard-perfect paradise.

What's Included

1-2-1 Weigh-in consultation with trainers to identify fitness goals and nutritional client needs

In body weight analysis and measurements on arrival and departure

Dynamic warm ups and morning workouts

Boxing fitness workouts

Metabolic conditioning workouts

Interval and HIIT sessions

Body toning and sculpting with weight lifting classes

Coastal beach walks

Body toning and sculpting with weight lifting classes

Rejuvenate by the pool and sunbeds

Upcoming Dates

NOV 2 - NOV 8 2024

FEB 22 - FEB 28 2025

MAR 29 - APRIL 4 2025


Luxury hotel with ensuite (other non-bootcamp guests will be on the complex)

Local organic products and ingredients

Coffee and detox teas available from 0600 - 1000

Pre highlighted dietary requirements accommodated (extra charge of £30 per week for Pescatarian and Halal)

Nutritional requirements designed around your personal goals. Please note that if a client would like an individualised plan outside of the menu selected for camp, we require notice at the time of booking with a consultation to follow that allows us to build the plan most suitable to you e.g. Ketogenic, intermittent fasting, plant based (at an additional cost)

Additional protein packages for muscle building available to purchase

Wifi available in all rooms

Complimentary mini toiletries for all

On-site masseur available daily for appointments (£75 pp)

Relaxing evenings to yourself or chill with new friends

TV Room available with local terrestrial television

Pool glimmering in the sun in St Tropez