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The Marrakesh Retreat

Trip Overview

A training camp with a difference, NO1 Marrakesh offers a fitness and body overhaul along with a dose of healthy sunshine from the North African landscape all in the lap of our luxury villa.

Rich in culture, our exclusive Moroccan camp combines the life-changing wonders of an overseas holiday with the body beautifying benefits of our legendary boot camp training. With its vibrant landscape, and array of night markets and other entertainment, there’s plenty to do when you are not exercising.

What's Included

1-2-1 Weigh-in consultation with trainers to identify fitness goals and nutritional client needs

In body Weight analysis and measurements on arrival and departure

Dynamic warm ups and morning workouts

Boxing fitness workouts

Metabolic conditioning workouts

Interval and HIIT sessions

Body toning and sculpting with weight lifting classes

Hiking locally

Rejuvenation sessions: Pool, massage and Hammam treatments


Luxury hotel with ensuite (other non-bootcamp guests will be on the complex)

Coffee, black tea and detox teas at breakfast only. Hot drinks are available from 0630 throughout the day at extra charge and signed to your room

Pre highlighted dietary requirements accommodated (extra charge of £30 per week for Pescatarian and Halal)

Nutrition seminars and food education

Additional protein packages for muscle building available to purchase

Wifi available in all rooms

Complimentary mini toiletries for all

Massages and beauty treatments available upon request (£75 - £150 pp)

Relaxing evenings to yourself or chill with new friends

TV Room with satellite television

General Information

ARRIVALS: Saturday afternoon from 1500 onwards GMT

DEPARTURES: Friday Morning from 1100 GMT. Other departures days & times are are possible by prior arrangement only

VALUABLES: Safes are provided in each room. You bring valuables at your own risk

WI-FI CONNECTIVITY: In all main communal areas. Please note: WIFI signal in rooms may produce weaker signals

CLOTHES AND WASHING: Washing is signed to your room, charged per item and completed by housekeeping staff assigned to the complex. The return time per wash is 24-36 hrs

LOCAL CONDITIONS: Day time temperatures can be very high and you must bring UV protection (clothing/lotion) and a hydration pack with you – You can buy a hydration pack from us – please contact us

MARRKESH CONDITIONS: During the winter months in Morocco, daytime temperatures average approx. 20 celsius, with evening temperatures dropping to a cool average of approx. 8 celsius. Please ensure you bring sufficient clothing for these temperature extremes. Please also respect the local culture and dress respectfully


Ever wonder what it is like at one of our retreats?

Still not sure what to expect at NO1? Or which of our four camps is right for you? Hopefully, you will find the information you need in our FAQ's.  If not please feel free to contact us below. We’re here to help every step of the way.

"Get ready to pinch your arms n’ rub your eyes ‘cos the results I achieved are incredible.

Yepp. Both those people are me and what a journey that person has been on. With the help of the No1 trainers, I didn't just drop 20KGs and 3 dress sizes during my stay at No1 Norfolk, I hustled for the muscle and left feeling fitter, stronger, healthier and so much happier, which is exactly what I wanted to achieve. Thank you so much for changing my life."

- Hibz, No1 Norfolk 

"My mission was to achieve body recomposition + fat loss. To create shape, build muscle, burn fat + leave with less than 10% body fat, which I achieved and then some.

Weight Loss: - 18kg (39.4lbs)
Skeletal Muscle Mass: + 1.8kg (4lbs)
Body Fat Mass: -20.3kg (44.7lbs)
Percentage Body Fat: -20.2%
Visceral Level: - 10 points

- Dal, No1 Norfolk 

"What I achieved during my stay at no1 Norfolk was incredible. Waking up each day fully-focussed and totally motivated, I did everything the trainers asked of me, hustling hard, training hard and proving my mind is so much stronger than I ever realised. And as a result, I lost 16.2kg during my all-inclusive stay. I'm so proud of myself. Thanks for everything."

- Nina, No1 Norfolk 

The incredible transformation of one of our very own clients Eliza Smith. The first photo is from April 2019 - May 2020 just one year apart. It just shows what you can achieve with hard work and commitment. Sometimes we just need that injection of motivation to keep going!

- Eliza Smith, No1 Norfolk 

Cliona Kelly whom we had the pleasure of welcoming to No1 Norfolk. Cliona came to us with big health and fitness goals and even bigger determination. In just 3 weeks Cliona lost a total of 18.2lbs (that's 1.3 stone / 8.2kg) 12.5cm off her chest, shed 10cm off her waist, and lost 4.5cm off her hips!!

- Cliona Kelly, No1 Norfolk 

We had the pleasure of training Katherine and teaching her the fundamental tools to live a healthier life for 3 wonderful weeks. Katherine worked closely with our team of expert trainers and nutritionists. Katherine lost a staggering 16lbs of fat during her 6-week transformation, gained 0.8lbs of muscle and 3 points of visceral fat!

- Katherine, No1 Norfolk 

"We came to the No1 Portugal Retreat for a reset and boy did it give us that! We came for 5/6 days and we are going back differently. Happy, rested, muscly, lighter, full of life. This is the most life-affirming day you can spend anywhere. They are joyous.


If you have a really busy life then this is it. Joy, perfection, we are glowing. We are joyous!"

- Robert & Sarah, No1 Portugal

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Real Reviews.
86% client return rate.