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What is it like to be on our health & fitness holidays?

Still not sure what to expect at No1? Or which of our fitness boot camps or weight loss retreats is right for you? Hopefully, you will find the information you need here. If not please do get in contact. We’re here to help every step of the way.

We’ve merged military-style group training with a wide range of modern fitness techniques and a wealth of know-how to get you the results you want. Whether it’s fat-loss, a training kick-start, or a luxury fitness holiday, you’ll leave feeling energised, leaner and stronger… in body, mind, and soul.

Each of our fitness boot camps and weight loss retreats offers the same elite training and delivers the same results, just in different locations. No1 has a health and fitness holiday to suit everyone’s needs and more importantly their budgets.


No1 can help you reduce & lose belly fat!

We get a lot of questions, but the most popular is "Can you help lose weight from my tummy?" Well, the answer is simple: Yes. Visceral body fat, also known as 'hidden' fat, is fat stored deep inside the belly, wrapped around the organs, including the liver and intestines. Why is it important to reduce belly fat? Not only does this type of body fat put your body under increased stress, but it also raises your risk of serious medical issues such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Type 2 diabetes, stroke and high cholesterol. As such, working hard to reduce your visceral fat (stomach fat) is often a major reason to reduce your body fat in general. That is why our fat loss retreats focus on this instead of just your body weight - it allows our clients to concentrate on their health, wellness and longevity, long after they leave our boot camps.

Whether you are returning to fitness after a baby or injury, a gym bunny looking for new levels of strength and stamina, or a seasoned athlete looking for a challenge, each of our retreats offers the same standard of training excellence.

Under the watchful eye of No1’s Chief Instructor and ex-Royal Marine Gee Leary, you are guaranteed a life-enhancing experience that will push you to your limits, whilst training safely and effectively, within your personal output zones.


Whilst we truly believe in one team one dream, on camp we respect and understand that each of our clients is an individual with personal goals, challenges, and a unique genetic code. Our nurturing approach ensures that every single person feels empowered to take charge of their well-being journey, and with nutrition education and fitness training techniques, you will leave camp with lasting fitness and weight loss results, new friends, and a powerful sense of self-confidence.

We can’t wait to see you on camp!

We can't wait to see you on camp!
The Norfolk Retreat

NO1 Norfolk is home to thousands of happy clients and celebrities who have achieved long-term fat loss, weight loss, and fitness results. Based on years of experience, this friendly camp combines our effective, modern training techniques and nutrition with the latest technology for optimum results and total body recomposition. 

Book from £850pw (All-Inclusive exc. travel) 

*Day-camps and 4-day stays available

The Portugal Retreat

NO1 Algarve is based at an exclusive, upmarket boutique hotel just a short drive from Faro airport. The stunning art deco hotel is surrounded by the sun-kissed Algarve coastlines in Quinta do Lago’s, while The Campus -- our dedicated training facility -- is Portugal’s premier sporting facility and the No1 choice of elite athletes and premier sports teams.

Book from £2,225 (All-inclusive exc. travel)

The St Tropez Retreat

Get ready to workout in paradise at our bestselling St Tropez

retreat where you’ll stay in the luxury Mandal Hotel, workout poolside, beachside and in the incredible gym, enjoy sunrise hikes along the Mediterranean, soak up the atmosphere of St Tropez, dine on the most delicious meals, enjoy sunset dinners on the rooftop terrace and  leave with a smile.

Book from £2,585 (All-inclusive exc. travel)

The Marrakesh Retreat

A training camp with a difference, NO1 Marrakesh offers a fitness and body overhaul along with a dose of healthy sunshine from the North African landscape all in the lap of our luxury villa. 

New dates coming soon....

Our Fitness Retreats
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