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MZ-Switch Watch
  • MZ-Switch Watch

    The world's first interchangeable exercise tracker for the gym, outdoors, or in water.


    Monitor your heart rate on your chest, arm, or wrist. Three times the motivation and three times the fun, with a light indicator and built-in memory so you can see your zone without a phone, and up to six months battery life on one charge.


    Head to MyZone FAQs to answer any questions you may have. 

      • Allows you to switch between wrist, arm, and chest with ease.
      • Tracks your physical activity so you can earn MEPs in the gym, outdoors, and when you swim.
      • Unlocks heart rate training for anyone not comfortable wearing a chest strap.
      • Instantly tells you which zone you’re in when worn on the wrist, thanks to the flashing indicator light.
      • Built-in memory so that you can work out phone-free.
      • Shows live workout stats that you can view via the app, on your smartwatch or on the screen in your gym.
      • Logs every workout online so you can engage your community and make every effort count.
      • Connects with your favourite cardio machines.
      • Let’s you see your heart rate on screen with MZ-Remote and MZ-Remote+
      • Sets monthly physical activity goals recommended by the World Health Organization that maintains positive lifestyle change for the long term.
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