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How Georgia Harrison Lost 5lbs in 1 Week at No1 Bootcamp

One week. That's all it takes to overhaul your lifestyle, unlock your full potential and reach your fitness goals...

Someone profound once said, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” and, well, as cliche as it sounds, we don’t work. Ever. Instead, what’ we’ve done since 2008 is pursue our passion, help our clients unlock their full potential, prove their bodies are capable of so much more, show them the power of the mind, motivate, educate and inspire, fuel their fitness goals with the most nutritious meals and then present them with everything they need to take their No1 Bootcamp experiences and apply them to their normal lives. That’s not work; that’s a privilege and the reason we take so much pride in helping people on their fitness journeys, whatever their reasons.

That’s the reason we’ve had the chance to help thousands of people chase their fitness dreams; people from all over the world. We train together, eat together, explore, laugh, sweat and cry together, everyone supporting those around them to keep at it. Being a part of that atmosphere – where optimism, effort and camaraderie is the vibe every day – that’s why we love what we do so much.

But of all the reasons we wake up with a smile on our faces, ready to get at it, we love nothing more than seeing the happy faces of returning clients walk through the doors of our retreat. So it was nothing short of amazing to welcome the amazing Georgia Harrison back to No1 Norfolk for another week of sweating, laughing, training, exploring, escaping and, well, health, wellness and fitness.

And the results are amazing: in just one-week, Georgia lost an incredible 5lbs of