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The Mind & Body Benefits of our Beach Walks, According to Science.

Let’s get straight to it: there’s a reason we set up our Norfolk Retreat just a short walk from the beach, and it’s not just because those sunset reflections are next-level stunning -- it's also because sand is kind of epic when it comes to maximising the benefits of exercise. Simply strolling along the beach comes with a whole bunch of mind and body goodness.

But don't just take our word for it because, according to a bunch of scientific studies, training on a constantly shifting and unstable surface, such as sand, can dramatically boost your aerobic capacity, improve your explosive power, see you jump higher and help you sprint faster, all while reducing your risk of injury, minimising that post-workout ache and burn a serious amount of calories when compared to training on a harder surface, like that stuff gym floors are made from. Basically, this all adds up to a pretty badass exercise experience, according to science. That’s why all of our retreats – from St. Tropex to the Algarve – are located just a few miles from the beach.

So with that in mind, here’s a quick look at six of the biggest benefits behind a beach walk:

Benefit No1: Strength + Conditioning

Beach strolls are one epic form of exercise. Just walking across sand requires more effort than walking on a hard surface, which will not only help strengthen your ankles, hips and core, but will also lower your injury risk. Step it up a bit though and you have the ultimate piece of streng