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The Science-Backed Benefits of a Fitness Retreat

There's so much more to our retreats than just fitness...

We each have two lives: the second begins when we realise we only have one. That's why it's so important you give life everything you've got. Chase your dreams, pursue your passions, look after your body, clear your mind and do everything you can to be the best version of yourself. Forget what other people think of you and ignore those temptations to compare your behind the scenes footage with other people's highlights on Instagram and make your focus you. That's what No1 Fitness Retreats is all about.

Of course, we totally get how daunting a fitness retreat sounds and the kind of questions your brain will start churning up: Will I be surrounded by gym junkies? Will I keep up? Do my leggings still fit me? What will the food be like? Will the trainers yell at me? The reality, though, is that a weekend, week or even an entire month spent at our Fitness Retreats is a relatively straightforward affair. You turn up, check into your luxurious accommodation, remind yourself what your goals are and then give each sweaty-session your all -- the rest we'll take care of. From the delicious and nutritious meals to the meticulous itineraries to the world-class coaching and soul-stirring adventures. Translation: what's not to love?

But here's the best part: everything we do is tailored to you. That's why we're thousands of people have escaped to our retreat. We provide you with a bespoke diet and fitness program that is specifically designed with your health goals in mind. So whether you're in the market to lose weight, build strength, change your lifestyle or simply binge on those post-workout endorphins, here are the mental and physical benefits of attending a fitness retreat:

Enjoy a Bespoke Diet & Fitness Plan

Like we mentioned above, everyone’s bodies are different. Our metabolisms, core fitness, muscle mass, everything, and so what might work for one person might not be as effective for the person next to you. Think about it: we all know someone that can eat the entire menu at an all-inclusive buffet without putting on a pound, while another friend may be living the healthiest lifestyle yet struggle to shift that final ten pounds. We are all different. That's why the secret to our success at No1 Fitness is to tailor your fitness program specifically to you and your goals, something we do on the first morning of your stay. From your diet to your fitness sessions, we design everything around you.